Monthly Trainee Workshop: June 16th

The world of online data collection – Lookit and Pavlovia/PsychoPy

When: Wednesday 16th June, 10 AM – 11 AM (PT), 1 PM – 2 PM (ET), online

We will describe three research projects conducted on online research platforms Pavlovia/PsychoPy and Lookit. One project investigates the influence of task type (paired-associate vs. auditory discrimination) on adult second-language word and phoneme learning. Another project investigates infant word learning in a task that involves families providing their own stimuli (e.g. recording a video of their child’s hand). The last study investigates 2-year-olds’ word learning in a cross-situational learning paradigm. In our descriptions we will focus on the merits and challenges of adapting our studies online. We also highlight some of the methods we used to try to capture meaningful data. Finally, we will discuss moving forward using a combination of in-lab and online experiments.

Led by: Dr. Jennifer Campbell Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC Infant Studies Center, Dr. Haykaz Mangardich Postdoctoral Fellow, UBC Infant Studies Center, Alyssa Yantsis Scholar’s Elective, UWO LRCN Lab