Henny Yeung

Co-Lead of Language Background and Culture

Simon Fraser University

Henny Yeung’s research asks how language learning affects sensory perception, articulatory-motor abilities, and human cognition, both in infants and young children acquiring their native language(s), as well as in adults learning a new language. He is the director of the Language Learning and Development Laboratory, which is working on enhancing community-engaged research at SFU. He is interested in a wide variety of language learning phenomena, but in recent years, the research in his laboratory is turning towards the study of how caregivers from a wide variety of communities change their speech when addressing infants and children in either their first (L1) or second (L2) language, as well as exploring connections between adult L2 learning and music perception. Henny is excited to explore connections between language learning–particularly in one’s L2–and developing literacy in children.