Assessing morphological awareness assessments

Carla Hudson Kam, Academic Team - UBC

23 January 2022


The goal of this project is to find an assessment of morphological knowledge that a) accurately measures underlying morphological knowledge and b) could be adapted for inclusion within Dreamscape. The research team is part of a group working with Eyeread to support improvements in the pedagogical usefulness of the app, and this project represents a step in that collaborative work. The end goal is to find a way to understand individual-level reading performance in order to have the app better support learners’ trajectories within an automated system. This will help make better reading interventions more accessible to more people.

This is a two step project: the first step is a literature search to look for relevant tests that have been used in the extant literature. The second step is to assess the tests that the literature review finds. The first step is ongoing.

The literature search should be completed in the next 1-2 months, at which point the next phase of the project begins (assessing the tests that we find). Within 12 months the assessment will be completed.