Syntactic Skills Matter for Bilingual Children’s Reading Comprehension and Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Theories of reading development have widely theorized a role for syntactic skills, or the ability to understand and manipulate the structure of a sentence, in reading comprehension. In this presentation, I will focus on the role of syntactic skills in Chinese-English bilingual children’s reading comprehension development. Specifically, I will discuss (1) the current and longitudinal role of syntactic awareness in both L1 Chinese and L2 English reading comprehension; (2) the transfer of syntactic awareness in one language to reading comprehension in another language; and (3) whether syntactic awareness can serve as an indicator of reading comprehension difficulties in either first language (L1) Chinese or second language (L2) English, or both for Hong Kong Chinese-English bilingual children.

Friday, May 26, 2023

10:25 PDT
11:25 MDT
13:25 EDT
14:25 ADT
18:25 BST

Dr. Xiuhong Tong
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
The Education University of Hong Kong