Jersey Smith

4th Year, BSc in Psychology

Dalhousie University

Jersey is a fourth-year student completing her BSc in Psychology with a minor in bioethics at Dalhousie University. Jersey is currently completing an independent research project with the Language and Literacy Lab under the supervision of Dr. Hélène Deacon and clinical psych grad student, Mariam Elgendi. Jersey is primarily involved in research on the COVID-19 Pandemic: Factors that Support and Impede Family Well-being During Mandatory Homeschooling. More specifically, Jersey is completing a meta-analysis and creating an annotated bibliography assessing physical activity and parent mental health as moderators of children/adolescents’ internalizing symptoms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Jersey hopes that this meta-analysis and annotated bibliography can help other researchers better understand how various biopsychosocial factors influenced children’s well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.