Klaudia Krenca

Donald Hill Postdoctoral Fellow

Dalhousie University

Prior to being at Dalhousie, Klaudia received her PhD in the Developmental Psychology and Education program from the University of Toronto. Her dissertation examined the role of oral language in the literacy development of emerging English-French bilingual children. Klaudia joined the Language and Literacy Lab as a Donald Hill Postdoctoral Fellow in September 2020, supervised by Dr. Hélène Deacon. Klaudia’s research program investigates the assessment of children’s reading comprehension in digital environments via three projects: (1) an ongoing systematic review on children’s reading comprehension in digital versus paper environments; (2) an online study that examines which digital features enhance children’s reading comprehension; and (3) a large-scale survey that evaluates how parents support their child’s language and literacy skills at home, both when reading on paper and screens.