Lucretia Groff

4th Year, BA Honours in Psychology

Dalhousie University

Lucretia Groff is finishing her final year in the BA Honours in Psychology program at Dalhousie University. Under the supervision of Dr. Hélène Deacon, Lucretia’s thesis is investigating the compounding impacts of mandatory homeschooling over time on parent and child mental health, during the COVID-19 pandemic. It further explores protective and risk factors for this relationship, including educational support from schools, parent employment, and children’s access to the internet. This research draws on data from the project ‘COVID-19 Pandemic: Factors that Support and Impede Family Well-being During Mandatory Homeschooling’. Lucretia is passionate about identifying education and community-centred opportunities to build resilience in children and youth. She believes that developing strong language competency early in life is essential for the story-telling and self-advocacy skills young people need to promote well-being for themselves and their communities.