Talks, Media and Publications

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  • January 23, 2022

A list of some of the talks, presentations, and publications from Q2 and Q3 of Year 2.


Parks, K. M., Moreau, C. N., Hannah, K. E., Brainin, L., & Joanisse, M. F. (2021). The Task Matters: AScoping Review on Reading Comprehension Abilities in ADHD. Journal of Attention Disorders,10870547211068047.

Turin, M., & Hanks, R. (2021). Literacy. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology.

Afreen, A., & Norton, B. (in press). Bangla and the identity of the heritage language teacher. Educational Linguistics [Inaugural issue]

Deacon, S. H., Rodriguez, L. M., Elgendi, M., King, F. E., Nogueira-Arjona, R., Sherry, S. B., & Stewart, S. H. (2021). Parenting through a pandemic: Mental health and substance use consequences to couples of mandated homeschooling. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 10(4), 281-293.

DesRoches, D. I., Deacon, S. H., Rodriguez, L. M., Sherry, S. B., Nogueira-Arjona, R., Elgendi, M. M., Meier, S., Abbass, A., King, F. E., & Stewart S. H. (2021). Homeschooling during COVID-19: Gender differences in work–family conflict and alcohol use behaviour among romantic couples. Social Sciences, 10(7), 1-18.

MacKay, E. J., Conrad, N., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). How does lexical access fit into models of word reading? Scientific Studies of Reading. Advance online publication.

Critten, S., Holliman, A. J., Hughes, D. J., Wood, C., Cunnane, H., Pillinger, C., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). A longitudinal investigation of prosodic sensitivity and emergent literacy. Reading and Writing, 34(2), 371-389.

Levesque, K., Breadmore, H., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). How morphology impacts reading and spelling: Advancing the role of morphology in models of literacy development. Journal of Research in Reading, 44(1), 10-26.

MacKay, E., Lynch, E., Sorenson Duncan, T., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). Informing the science of reading: Students’ awareness of sentence-level information is important for reading comprehension. Reading Research Quarterly, 56(1), 221-230.

Metsala, J. L., Sparks, E., David, M., Conrad, N., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). What is the best way to characterise the contributions of oral language to reading comprehension: Listening comprehension or individual oral language skills? Journal of Research in Reading, 44(3), 675-694.

Sorenson Duncan, T., Mimeau, C., Crowell, N., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). Not all sentences are created equal: Evaluating the relation between children’s understanding of basic and difficult sentences and their reading comprehension. Journal of Educational Psychology, 113(2), 268–278.

Tong, X., Kwan, J. L. Y., Tong, X., & Deacon, S. H. (2021). How Chinese–English bilingual fourth graders draw on syntactic awareness in reading comprehension: Within‐ and cross‐language effects. Reading Research Quarterly. Advance online publication.

In The Media

Family Wellbeing During COVID

ICI Radio-Canada Première. (2021, June 2). Homeschooling challenges for families. [Radio broadcast]. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Presentations (2022)

Li, G., (2022, March). Promoting Multilingualism During and Beyond the Pandemic: Lessons from Chinese Households in Vancouver. The Decoda Literacy Conference 2022: Literacy Connects Us!, Richmond BC, Canada.

Oral Language Factors

Deacon, S. H., Ryken, A., Kadam, R., & Frempong, G. (2022, January). Identifying the language skills that children need to succeed in learning to read: Success and opportunities [Paper presentation]. Inter-University Research Network Spring Symposium (held virtually). 

Deacon, S. H. (2022, March). Words and sentences: How they can support reading for all learners [Paper presentation]. 2022 Donald G. Doehring Memorial Lecture, McGill University School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Montreal, Canada. 

Presentations (2021)

Family Wellbeing During COVID

Deacon, S. H. (2021, June 18). The effects of mandatory homeschooling on parents’ and children’s mental health during pandemic lock-down [Paper presentation]. The Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development Policy Bench, University of Toronto (held virtually).  

Peer-reviewed Conference Presentations

Digital Literacy

Krenca, K., Taylor, E., & Deacon, S. H. (2021, July). The effect of reading modality (paper versus screen) on children’s reading skills: A systematic review [Poster presentation]. 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (held virtually). 

Family Wellbeing During COVID

Stewart, S. H., DesRoches, D., Rodiguez, L., Deacon, S. H., Elgendi, M., King, F., Sherry, S. B., Meier, S., & Abbass, A. (2021, June). A couples study of the consequences of mandatory homeschooling during the pandemic on men’s and women’s work-family conflict and alcohol use behaviour [Paper presentation]. 13th Annual National Institute of Drug Abuse InWomen’s Conference (held virtually). 

Oral Language Factors

Fejzo, A., Whissell-Turner, K., Saidane, R., X. Chen, B., Hipfner-Boucher, K., & Deacon, S. H. (2021, October). The place of morphological knowledge in cognitive processes involved in reading comprehension in intermediate francophone readers [Paper presentation]. Elementary school in the 21st century Colloquium, CY Cergy Paris University, Neuville-sur-Oise, France. 

Deacon, S. H., & Tucker, R. (2021, July). An evaluation of phonological recoding as the key mechanism for learning new spelling patterns during emerging readers’ independent reading [Paper presentation]. 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (held virtually). 

Ryken, A. M., Wade-Woolley, L., & Deacon, S. H. (2021, July). Prosodic sensitivity and word reading in grade 1 [Poster presentation]. 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (held virtually).