Month: January 2022

For Educators

Open Post-Doctoral Fellow Position: UBC

Guofang Li has an open Post-doctoral Fellow position within the Department of Language and Literacy Education at UBC. Please share this with your teams or with anyone you know who might be interested.

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Talks, Media and Publications

A list of some of the talks, presentations, and publications from Q2 and Q3 of Year 2. Publications Parks, K. M., Moreau, C. N., Hannah, K. E., Brainin, L., & Joanisse, M. F. (2021). The Task Matters: AScoping Review on Reading Comprehension Abilities in ADHD. Journal of Attention Disorders,10870547211068047. Turin, M., & Hanks, R. (2021). Literacy. The...

For Educators, For Parents

Next Generation Scholar Spotlight: Diana Burchell

What led you to be interested in developmental psychology and education? I’m a French immersion and special education teacher, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of support for exceptional and multilingual students in French programs. I had one student in particular who loved French and wanted to take it, but was forced...

For Educators, For Parents

Partner Spotlight: Eyeread

Julia Rivard-Dexter, CEO and founder of Eyeread, Inc., answered some questions for us regarding Eyeread, Dreamscape, and their work with the EFL team.